27 May 2020
Motlhabe village

Five communities from Motlhabe,Magong,Magalane,ngweding and Ntswana le metsing.Community members gathered today date 27 may 2020 regarding the pending 2012 memorandum that was given to Pilanesburg Platinum Mine concerning the social labour plan.

The communities complained about the roads that mining tracks are destroying and the half done pavement road that mine have not finish in Motlhabe village. The members were gathered today for a way forward since the lockdown will start level three on 1st of June.

They said; they can’t sit and do nothing while the PPM Company busy looting their minerals in their land. The company had promised to repair their roads but has failed to do so

The communities were furious because they heard that PPM Company was busy planning to extend the mine without their consent only consulting lesetlheng people, when they also own part of their forefathers land.