27 May 2020
Velile khoza

Here in Bokamoso human settlement there is no reality behind COVID-19 pandemic people of this human settlement have lost hope a trust to our government due to lack of total commitment from the government.

Since day one of this pandemic we never saw government came to educate us about corona virus like they do in other part of country especially in Cape Town Gauteng an others.

The call of mining companies to operate with 50% employees is not well working for the communities who hosts mining corporates since well here in Bokamoso the was one person who escaped from the quarantine place of mine employees an run to his wife and kids to infect them with COVID-19 symptoms.

Now what are we asking ourselves about this mining companies operating without even consulting the host communities since well 70% of their employees are tenants in our backyards.

The community health workers are also testing or screening us while they have no proper PPE.