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Covid-19 regulations are for the poor only

22 July 2020
Klersdrp, Tigane
David Rapula Gaanakgomo

With all the happenings around the country one wonders if only the poor are the only ones to adhere to the regulation of covid-19.Take for instance, the government cabinet ministers are preaching that the over 60 years old should stay indoors whilst they are gallivanting the whole of South Africa. Now they are being hospitalized.

The small community of Tigane were happy that the local councillors gave them land. Even if it was only few who got the stands which they will call theirs, it was better than nothing. The land is situated next to the big giant of poultry, Supreme Poultry. Seeing that people were allocated land, they fenced the piece of it claiming it is theirs. People understood and never occupied the land fenced.

Almost a year now people staying in their own new stands, Supreme Poultry brought private security company to evade people from the land which they were allocated by the local councillors. When consulted the Supreme Poultry management claim that the councillors sold out the land to them, whilst the councillors disappeared in a thin air.

One of the regulation of covid-19 is that no people will be evicted from the land/property during this period. Just that Supreme Poultry has money, hired a private company to evict people. The citizens are now fighting a losing battle in the middle of winter.

The leaders of our country are really failing us. They allocated people the land now people are being evicted. If they really did not know about that transaction why not inform the people? But they are not showing up it really shows that they know well about the transaction. Just like our cabinet ministers, most of them know that they are over 60 years old and their immune system is weak but are risking the people’s life by gallivanting .Let them give a chance to the young blood.