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Dumping in rivers During Covid19

27 June 2020
By Mmabore Mogashoa

People are supposed to stay clean and healthy during the period of this pandemic but no. It looks as if disposable baby nappies are the mostly dumped next to Mookeng River. People were mostly at home and some were dumping things next to the river. Mookeng is a river that joins Semene River from our village that flows through to Tubatse River that is from Makhuduthamaga to Fetakgomo local Municipality areas and other towns. The river is next to the road to GaMasha and with trees which make it easy for people to dump things without being seen.

Livestock and people drink the water which make it a huge risk. Besides polluting the area and the water people might get sick. Rivers are respected but with the increasing disposal of nappies is a problem.