Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Community unhappy with the conduct of the councilor

30 July 2021

Phokeng Rustenburg

Tumi Mokgatle

Lockdown regulations have been tough to many that people are beginning to ask pressing questions about lack of employment and opportunities. Councilors who are the first to receive the wrath and frustration of the are finding it overwhelming to respond to need of community. Many have raised unbecoming response from the councilor who is said has refused to take CVs of community members who seek employment around the mines.

Now Phokeng has two voted councilor 1 who is said to be a traditional councilor and the other the municipal councilor. Both are said to be passive. One councilor in ward 06 has irked the youth so much that the youth has called a mass meeting under covid restrictions. The view is to voice their frustration around job opportunities and other opportunities which may be significant for the development of the youth