Community Alerts/Ernest Mokwate/Lesetlheng-Rustenburg/04 August 2019

Lesetlheng community held a meeting on Thursday the 25th July 2019 to look into the service that is provided by the local clinic. Since it’s establishment it has been operating well without challenges under those that are knowing of the shortage of medication.

Beginning of this year the health personnel was reduced to one nurse because the clinic started operating for 4-6 hours a day. One nurse to attend to patients as they arrive to diagnose and dispatch medication. It alleged that she took some days as her leave and left the clinic in chaos.

A baby who was accidentally burned by hot water at his home was returned back home because no one would attend to him and he, unfortunately, died the following day most patients were returned home because of no health personnel to attend to them. A letter was written by the traditional council but no response has been given and the process of sorting out the mess is still underway. By Ernest Mokwate