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Chaneng strikes, who benefits?

By Tsholofelo Raphata

In 2010 there was a massive strike whereby comrades were arrested and again in 2011 the Chaneng community decided to take their dusty roads with burning tyres and ministers were called in to assist but still nothing. We often ask ourselves are there any changes and wondering who benefits out of all these processes since Chaneng turned into mining zone all we see is danger, still to date our grandfathers  grazing and farming land was taken without any proper consultation and no compensation fund paid, no one is to be accountable. If this how things are done who those Chaneng belong to? It looks like we are oppressed no one is expected to say anything we just have to keep quiet and say nothing and listen to empty promises. If this is the beginning of mining we should be concerned about how will Chaneng look in 20 years time, will our land still look the same.

The experience of hazardous chemicals, heavy vibration that will leave us without shelter as we are being told our houses are not properly structured, high rate of diseases, influx of migrates our community is turning into chachalaza, local clinic conjested and high rates of unemployment. After all this will we still manage to make a living for ourselves in the future and still be able to teach the future generation about our heritage. The last question i ask myself is that after the long struggle will Chaneng community in the end be given what is rightfully theirs????????????

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