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Sebokeng Sewerage Problem

By Dudu Diphofa

The world we live in!

We are living in a democratic world; yet again we got our freedom, yet again our land is not free, or taken care of.  In our area we are living in the area whereby there no longer dumping zone.  There are people who are dealing with waste in our area but they are not doing their job.

In the township called Sebokeng which is situated within the Sedibeng region 32km south of Johannesburg, there is Sebokeng Hostel and the Kwamasiza Hostel which were designed during the apartheid era whereby industrial workers resided in.  Today the hostels are the most polluted areas one would find within the demarcation.  The sewage is flowing all over the place and there are people living there.  It is a disgrace, community happens to find their health being exposed to bad conditions because of the sewage spillage which is now part of their social problem.  Many were infected with TB; skin disease; diarrhoea and chest infection.

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