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Unemployment who is to blame?

The law in South Africa provide for everyone to have the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and protection against unemployment. But what is happening in South Africa after we thought we are free.
Despite these good declarations, 17 years after freedom South Africa’s’ greatest challenge is job bloodbaths and mass unemployment. Hiv/Aids is not the only virus destroying our communities. The unemployment virus where more than 40% wait without work, income and dignity, this virus destroy human solidarity. It is among factors causing crime, gangsterism, drug abuse and violence against women and children. Recently in Ekurhuleni communities are fighting for municipality street work just to get a work.
The 1994 Victory has failed many South African by failing to transform into an economic victory. A generation of born free was to be born and better future was certain for them. Little did all South Africans know that future for the born free was to be hollow, uncertain .To be honest little did they know that there would be future at all. South Africa believe me you have reached a boiling point were communities are tired of watching the paralysing labour brokers who add poverty and the issue of Tenders which enrich the few and leave many suffering. The Capitalism is to blame. And our Government is a Capitalist Government

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