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Kwa Vezanyawo (Short time place to stay) BY Meshack Mbangula.

Kwa Vezanyawo it’s a waiting place for the people who have been robbed of their places which they have been living on for more than 15 years. The place is called extension 3, its situated in Kwatsadutza under Ekurhuleni Government place of Shame and disgrace. Dark place

Mr Johannes Moyane And His wife and other families are the victims of KwaVezanyawo in short it tells you that you not in the right place and not in the map so you will be moved again, (when nobody knows). Those were Johannes Moyanes words. Johannes was staying in Ext3for 15 years, with electricity, water and he appear on the Data that is one the people who officially waiting for the house or land but  on the 26-04-2013 he was told that their moving him to Kwa Vezanyawo which is not on the line that means  its  not his place and he will be moved again. He questioned   the official that how can they move him when he was officially given the place and promised RDP house? The ward councilor Known as Boesak told them that they don’t belong there and they were moved by (red ants), these are people hired by Municipality to move people who they believe they are in wrong place, even if its their own land. Johannes was not given time to pack his belongings, they (red ants) destroy his shack and moved him and his family to a place without electricity and running water and they slept outside the whole weekend, Monday and Tuesday because he had to go work  and ask for few days to able to build his short time home. Johannes is losing money at work because when you work for labour brokers no work no pay. Lot of people are faced with Johannes problem who afraid to talk to us but Johannes on the photo said enough is enough.

When we went to the Municipality to check whether he appears on the waiting list of ext 3, short period of time Johannes Moyanes  name  appears in the list, I ask for the copy, that’s where the problem started and I was told that I don’t stay there and cut yourself from these issues, not me (Meshack) I them told that people have the right decent living place the clean water and electricity. She ends up cooling down and explaining why we cannot have the copy. Secondly the officials indicated that they spoke to the councilor and he said that’s his ward he will do  what  he like, for two days we have hunting him because his cell phone is offline.

The reason why other people are moved is because there are those who are buying Johannes place and the councilor is getting rich by making other people suffer. Not yet UHURU. The war goes on