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Kynoch fertilizer plant by Vuyelwa Mceya

Kynoch is a company which was established in 19…, it was formed under different factories then triomf came to Potchefstroom, this is big company from our side and in the country. This company focuses too much into plants and soil to improve its growing capacity in the early days of agriculture. Early people combine together with the scientist such as Francis Bacon and Johann Glauber. Salt per (KNO 3) they mixed phosphoric acid and nitrogen and potash moaning different chemical. Then they demonstrate that plant need mineral element such as those nitrogen and phosphorus. In 1903 south African fertilizer company SAFCO in Durban commissioned the first phosphate plant which used as animal bone as row material subsequent development of the mining industry the original Kynoch complex join forces in the early years of 1924 which later became AC&CC another factory under the umbrella was established after all the effort the people from different places had became part of Fedmin. Orinia started with distribution of agricultural line then they form a fertilizer in 1952. Tromf then was established in Potchefstroom in 1967 in Potchefstroom which is was good for employment of people was very as people were excited and later brought so many problems to our community, people who stayed near this place get affected which deceases such as TB, because of their machine C1 those chemical from the company.