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Polluted and dangerous Spruit In Kwa Thema by Thabo Mogafe

Two lives have been lost in this Spruit but still nothing have been done. Kwa Thema is in east of Johannesburg Ekurhuleni. Population of about 50 000 people, high rate of unemployment which lead to high crime rate. Most of the people live by selling vegetables and opening small tuckshop but it’s a good place to live in except the problems brought in by Corporations and and Government.
The Spruit start from between Benoni and Brakpan passes through Wright park and the companies that the Spruit passes through, these are the companies which polluted the Spruit which then flows to Kwa Thema were at some stage it passes through Labane high primary school and its not secured im sure these student are not aware of the danger they facing. When we spoke to the student they did not know what we were talking about. In 2006 two school children who were going to school tried to cross the Spruit and unfortunately they did not make it, they were found down the stream dead. As of today nothing much has been done to make sure what happen in 2006 does not happen again. Secondly there is a informal that depend on this spruit since they don’t have water in their yard and no sewage they use this water for drinking, washing and cooking as well. Unfortunately this community is not aware of the danger they are facing. The kids play in the water. The problem is they don’t go to the doctor and check.
I decided to try and get more information about the Veref Company which make paint it was not easy so I manage to get one guy who works the and indicated that we not mansion his name he showed me where they spill their residue which contains chemicals which for now in don’t have in formation of, Im still busy with that.
I am disturb with what I have discovered. I decided to go and see the Kwa thema municipality officials they indicated to me that I must write down all the concern I have and put on the suggestion box, I said I wanted to talk with responsible person. What they did is give the date of the meeting 7 may 2013. I hope and believe something good will happen.