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3 Trees – Oxygen Fingerprints by Sibusiso Buthelezi

Small changes are the bigger blocks for bigger change that can be seen in the long run. The damage to the atmosphere/ozone has already been done and we can continue to let the damage expand or we can slow it down with the little action we can take and perhaps even create some form of reversal reaction.

Planting trees in our own backyards has become a routine we have lost to time and everyday expectations. It is time all South Africans become aware that a simple thing like planting 3 trees in ones’ lifetime has a lasting impact on this country not only for the generation living now but for the future generations to come. If “carbon footprints” is the measurement of the energy one uses then why don’t we as Ekurhuleni Environmental Organisation monitor just normal every day, people, instil values of planting tree into others, perhaps create something we can call oxygen fingerprint. Processes were we work to oppose and reverse the damage that has been done already.

South African population sits at 50.98 million people. If each individual plants at least 3 trees throughout their lifetime, we would have planted at least 152,94 million trees by the time the next generation is born, if we can achieve this, we would have created a greener nation and a better future for all.