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Welkom Community Scolded for Nothing by Matlabe Matiogelwa

There are areas worse off then Welkom when it comes to a lack of service delivery where residents have not resorted to rioting.

In the past few months some of the residents prevented the ANC from campaigning fro votes in the area, while other parties , such as the EFF, PAC, AZAPO and DA were allowed to campaign in the area.

Many residents wanted ANC to firstly give back to the community.

There were people who allowed the campaign to take over , they said to others  that what we are today is because of the ANC.

The residents were making strikes and they wanted to see ANC members because they say they only making effort when its election time.

The residents of Welkom are not happy about the service delivery , they say its not happening the way they want it to happen.


Stepping up the fight against Crime and Corruption

by Matlabe Matiogelwa


The provincial government in general believes that the farm attacks undermine job creation efforts because the economy of the Free State depends largely on the Agricultural sector.

Kamphela has condemned the spate of farm attacks and said recently that he believed that the provincial crime fighting strategies  to work with the SAPS in dealing with serious crimes will go a long way in ensuring that his department would strengthen partnership between the provincial police, the national police and the community  police forums in the fight against crime.

He also said that the joint initiative that has come from the close cooperation between the provincial government and SAPAs was part of the envisaged establishment of a fusion center sometimes in 2014. This will be a multi-disciplinary rapid response center.