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Job challenge 101by Maditaba Matsela

There is a high need for jobs in the Gold-Mining Communities that has increased rapidly in the last 5 years, especially here in Matjhabeng is rather difficult and heavy for many young black and white South Africans.  People all over Matjhabeng seem to have lost hope in the Mining Sector.  The core and the heart beat of their economy.

It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the door, the achieves- the one who recognizes the job challenges and does something about it “says Thalesmo of Thalesmo Enterprises”Every youth in this part of the country wants to migrate to either Big Cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere else but here I pursue for Greener Pastures.  The Matjhabeng that used to be a haven and city of hope for many that lived and moved here about twenty years ago. It is now the driest South African no one wants to be part of “However” says Mr. Jabu of Business Today “People in of this  country or anywhere were there is mining should not only look at the mines as possible employers but also as possible customers”

Adding upon the word of Mr. Jabu was Thalesmo Enterprise Chief of finance.  Mr. Astone Chaole “The mines like any customer, has that communities should take for opportunity”.  The Harmony Gold Mine LTD in the Free State said that they are looking forward into developing Gold-Mining communities through SMMES.  “The Mine is looking for people who will group themselves and cater to its needs” says Mr. Lebohang Shabe of Harmony Gold Mines in the Free State “The Mine” countries Mr Shabe is looking for people who will provide it with service and materials such as Garden and Health Services, pumps, safety tools and Body wear (clothes) and much more, for further information on the services the mine needs visit www.harmonygoldmines.co.za /matjhabeng.  “People can approach us” added Mr. Shabe’s Colleagues Mrs. Sophie Phororo and present their company or organization’s business proposals, as we are looking to develop and empower local SMMES and their communities.