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They don’t want to work by Thabang Motsamai

“Youth in the Lejweleputswa region are not interested in labour; plainly stated, they do not want to work.

“Unemployment in the Lejweleputswa district has truck the core. People all over the district have lost hope, the night has gone completely dark, and there seems to be no other means known or wanted except that of grants received from the government Mr. Sam of the DPT.

Of labour in Welkom says that youth everywhere in the Lejweleputswa district, if not all over South Africa, don’t want to work at all. “Youth in the Lejweleputswa region are not interested in labour” says Mr. Sam “plainly stated, they do not want to work.” to support his statement, Mr. Sam produced an overwhelming black and white evidence of the youth living in Lejweleputswa being called to jobs opportunities presented to the dpt.  Of labour by different employers, with attendees of close to nothing.

The figures were astonishing and spoke for themselves: 40 people, age between 18 and 35 were wanted for brick laying job. The department called over 50 people and only 15 turned out. 15 females, age between 20 and 35 were wanted for learnerships in Early Childhood Development, 3 people turned out and then, the department. Had to ask the department of social development to rethink their request of age. And that’s when the called received a positive response. And the figures go on and on.
“The first things that this youth stars ask us when we call” says Mr. Sam “is, how much. How much money in terms of salary.” it seems that, which can be understandable, maybe, young people don’t just want jobs, they have responsibilities, and there is nothing they can work for except for reasonable salaries to support their families and take care of their pressing responsibilities. However, i’job-i’job s’bale