Tunatazama - Community Monitors

EEO Resource Center – A Space for Information,Communication and Action.

eeorc2eeoRC1 Community Monitors  belonging to the Ekhuruleni Environmental Organisation in KwaThema in Ekhuruleni  have set up a Resource Center as  base for their activities. The group has over the years struggled with finding places to meet and where they could set up computers and establish internet facilities. Rental accommodation in commercial spaces are very expensive and very scarce. They decided to rent a small township house instead.

The lack of facilities for group activities is a major problem for activists in this working class township where large sections of youth are unemployed.

The group has furnished the center with desks and tables they were able to find in their own homes.

They are looking out for computer equipment to set up their own cyber cafe. If you have a computer that you would like to donate please contact the group facilitator Meshack Mbangula  via email at  mbangulam@gmail.com or  on his mobile 0749775588