Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Work In Progress : Service Delivery and Education Problems in the Platinum Mining Villages

Rustenburg this year plans to do detailed work in 4 local areas in the Platinum mining belt. Groups began work in Chaneng, Mafenya and Ikemeleng.

Chaneng Mafenya Group

This group chose to focus on the problems faced by the community related to water for domestic use. They complain that the quality of water is poor and that they are being charged a high amounts for their water.


Ikemeleng Group 

The Ikemeleng group will be continuing their work on youth unemployment. They are that that there large numbers of young people who have completed high school remain unemployed and are not able to find work in the mines.Yet the mines always say that they they have a problem in finding skilled workers in the mines. The group wants to pressure the mine to either employ young people who completed high school in Ikemeleng or alternatively give them bursaries to further their studies. The investigation will begin with interviews with people who completed high school and who are looking for work in Ikemeleng and will continue with interveiws with mining companies to find out what their policies are with regard to local employment.