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Abandoned mine, Dominionville , An uncaring and irresponsible footprint

 Jo Mashilo /Klerksdorp Justice and Peace/26th July 2016

The uranium mine, Dominion Reefs Ltd which dissolved in the year 1967 left the land un rehabilitated in the community of Dominionville in Klerksdorp. They truly left an uncaring and irresponsible footprint. Just walking around in the area where they got entry to extract the minerals underground, its misery and shame to those who care for the environment.

They left deep visible holes, old and unsafe structures. An incident which claimed a life of a child was reported before. This area remains unsafe today, the children, especially young boys could easily go there and do whenever they wish to play.

dominionville abandonedmine 20160726 (3)The new company which operates today, Shiva uranium put a fence in the area, it was just a mere and simple one which is now gone due to theft. The lives of the children remain unsafe and nobody from the companies and government takes a remedial action to the    distracted land.