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Dust on our clothes, in our lungs

Buda Lentswe, (Motlhabe Village) BuaMC 6th August 2016
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Motlhabe village is one of the other rural villages facing the issue of poor public roads, ( roads with no surface material added). This issue has been existing ever since Motlhabe was formed.

The Village is facing a very serious problem of dust. You’d find that on the early hours and late around the 16 hours r of the day, huge trucks and vans from the mine passing from the village and causing a lot of dust,

Mr Enoch Letsholo from the 16 section who lives 15 meters from the road, complaining about the dust entering the house and the furniture is always dusty, ”Even when I do my laundry I always worry about the dust, the better day to wash your clothes is on Sunday”said Mr Enoch Letsholo.

During dry periods unpaved roads also generate a lot of dust, altering roadside vegetation and causing breathing problems and lung diseases most especially on children, even on rainy periods it is still worse as the road will be very muddy and and some cars they even struggle to pass.

By 2012 the community protested against the the mine demanding better roads and employement, by 2013 the mine had paved half of Motlhabe and living the 16 section,  promses are always made but they just never become real