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Big cooperation “Arcelor Mittal” lie covering up on their big pollution

Community Alerts/ Mduduzi Tshabalala. Vaal-VEJA./ 26 August 2016

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This week a VEJA Task Team have been focused on investigations about the Arcelor Mittal’ Environmental Master Plan: a document released after almost 10 years or more, the team together with lawyers from CER after a workshop meeting held at VEJA on the 24th August ’16, the following day we went to see affected families in Steel Valley which is situated next to the steel mill in Vanderbjlpark. Mr. Johan Duin who took us for a tour around the area where we saw  industrial dirt coming out of borehole water; Mr. Duin complaints about the air pollution that he said is really bad and sometimes they would bleed from the nose. Their livestock is under threat due to polluted water coming from the plant. Arcelor Mittal even thou from their plan where it says that they are working with a “Zero Effluent Discharge” (ZED) system. Our tour proved to their big cooperation lie covering up on their big pollution.

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