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Who will Recognise People with Disablity

By Eunica Pabwaungana/9/04/18

In Shurugwi Ward 19 area they are more than 15 people who are living with disability , In 2014 after reading the constitution of Zimbabwe I was motivated to know more about the life of these people . After indepth research I had noticed that several people with disability are being marginalised . Question have been raised in my heart on what the Mines are doing to address the plight of people living with disability .PLWDs are in need of Vocational trainings to enable them to become self – reliant . Stakeholders like RDC , Mining co. and Community should protect them from all forms of exploitation and abuse .Some of the victims are that boy ?who aquired O level with 6 subjects . He was affected by polio – melitis at baby stage and was trained as an Agritex Officer at Kaguvi training centre and passed but but has not granted any placement , same as that one ?had a diploma in Accountant and she is able to use a sewing machine but still has not granted any placement