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Electricity cables thugs caught and punished by residents

Community Alerts/ Tshepiso Morake/ Rustenburg-Motlhabe/ 21 September 2016


For months now we have been experiencing cable loss.Our cable were stolen from our homes and sold. Eskom complained and threatened never to give us cables anymore. The residents was up to their throats.And only today by 2:30am one of the criminals tried to steel a cable and the yard owner saw him and blowed a whistle, the entire community woke up and run after the thug’s car until they catch it.He refused to give others names and he was punished.They used all weapons whips, sticks and others to beat him and yet he refused to open up.

Police were called and yet he didn’t say a word.He was bardly hurt and later ambulance was called for him.Then residents dispersed.By 12o’clock midday the whistle was blown again and we recorverd some of the missing cables.Some residents still believe that some of our people are involved since the one arrested is from Zimbabwe, therefore we dicided that anyone on street after 9pm must be punished