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Twickenham mine subcontractor not complying with the health and safety standards

Community Alerts/ Elton Thobejane/ Limpopo/ 12 September 2016


The new contractor subcontracted to Twickenham mine for reparation works of the heavily potholed D402 road from the Mopetsi camp to Hackney shaft of the Twickenham mine in Tubatse municipality, does not adhere to the health and safety regulations. The temporary workers employed by the subare exposed to dangerous working conditions. Working with the asphalt, MC20, asphalt saw machine, shovels and etc without wearing personal protective equipment such as the safety boots, dust masks, gloves and goggles. Their working area was also not properly barricaded; they work in big group without the first aider and the safety representative. The manager of the contractor said he is new to the industry therefore he does not know how things work.