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Unfinished electricity project lead to community corruption

Community Alerts/ Griffis Botopela/ Rustenburg-Kroondal Ikemeleng/ 21 September 2016


The was a project that was issued in Rustenburg in Ikemeleng village

But till today most of the houses in the village still don’t have electricity,due to electrical crises

This make the community unsafe,self connected electricity is illegal. People do things for them self because the government can not deliver,community is not well trained for electrical connection,they are not doing a great job and this is so dangerous to the community

Illegal electricity connection has a negative impact in Ikemeleng village,community and globally. Some of the cables are left the hanging and unconnected by the project contractors. I got a chance to ask one of the workers what is going on, their respond was”everything was stopped in June the 13th even now the still no change.