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Water being wasted daily

Community Alerts/Griffis Botopela/Rustenburg-Kroondal Ikemeleng/25 September 2016


Residents in Ikemeleng village Rustenburg are complaining about water,the South African government promised the community of Ikemeleng village to install the taps in each and every house in the village,but instead of doing that they have decided  that they will install the tap in the street,in that way people have to go out to fetch like in the olden days when people used to go the rivers to fetch watch, now the problem is time have change its not safe like before to go outside and fetch water.

The tap are left the unattended children’s are playing with water and most of the time they leave without closing the tap that is why we found water flowing around the streets,now the problem is our country have a crisis with water we have drawght animal die out the because we don’t have enough water in our country,we should use water wisely and do not waste water

The situation to this matter  is government should install taps in each and every single house in Ikemeleng village

In that way the wont water flowing around the streets leaving the villages untidy

and once more people can use water wisely the wont be any water wasted.