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The livestock under serious threat

Community Alert/Mathapelo Thobejane/Limpopo/31 October 2016


Today at Limpopo Sekhukhune region at Fetakgomo-Tubatse municipality (Hackney). Mr Mahlakwane reported to have last saw his cow last week Friday, it was then revealed that his cow is strapped at Hackney mine stream. In our arrival at the stream, we found the cow still alive and battling for its life. On the side-lines of the stream lied another cow which appeared to have long died. Mr. Mahlakwane’s cow appeared to be very week with doubts for possible recovery. The cow died and he went to the mine to take the matter up with the head of security; he chose that route because it is believed that the water is contaminated.  At the mine he met Mr. Ngobeni who reported the case to Mr kgwete for investigation. Is speaking to the headman they indicated that while the cow died because of the stream, they have noted that it not the only problem, another problem experienced on the livestock is animal birth problems. During blasting the people’s livestock become vulnerable, one will see cows running all over because of fear. The reality is nothing they can do because their livestock come to this place because of the water that is always running in this stream.  I asked them then, what is the way forward? They said we just have watch. Our livestock is disappearing every day, it’s painful and we have nothing solid to take this mining company to court.

This is painful to see our elders suffering like this .But enough is enough we who are the future we will  definitely make this culprits pay.

We are awaiting the investigation reports from the head of security of the matter.