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D175 road, Mine made a promise to develop it but still no action, just accidents

Community Alerts/ Francina Nkosi/Limpopo/10 May 2017


250 potholes were identified by Boikarabelo mine on D175 road around June 2014 at Steenbokpan .They ensured that those potholes will be filled and those potholes are still there, which means they don’t fulfil their promises. Boikarabelo mine is an open cast coal mine in Steenbokpan under Lephalale municipality in Limpopo province.


Where by the will be exportation of coal using railway. Potholes affect the community because they sometimes course accidents or breakdown of cars and most of the time taxi driver tend to complain that they spent lots of money fixing the taxi so, in that way they drop people half way avoiding breaking down of their cars or taxis