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Reckless electricity connection by Ekurhuleni Local Municipality

Community Alerts/ Jomo/Ekurhuleni/23 May 2017

Kwa Thema is situated east of Jo’burg under Ekurhuleni local municipality. These cables have been lying unattended for almost for a week. Municipality technicians were installing electricity for Kwa Thema Ext.8 residents and left  main transmission boxes and cables lying around as you can see in the picture.

This is a dangerous as school children pass there to and from school and risk being electrocuted by these electricity cables. It’s a challenge for residents because they are not sure if the cables carry enough power to electrocute members of the community and again since it rains is it not safe for them to walk near these cables. No one addressed the community and no one wants to take responsibility.

By Jomo-EEO