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Taxi commuters and motorists lives in danger due to bad road in Selepe Village, Sekhukhune

Community Alerts/Moshabi Selowa/Sekhukhune-Limpopo/20 June 2017

The ND4 road which goes straight to Mondagsoek old hospital established long ago as gravel road, the gravel and looks  bad than  before. The worst part is that the road is next to three traditional authorities being Chief Selepe, Manotwane and Phasha.

The taxi drivers and owners are complaining about that road as it impacts them. The taxis tires are easily torn which puts passenger’s lives in danger. The mines around the villages just put stones on the road which they regard as part of development to our communities.

However that impact communities lives as they travel daily using this bad road. During heavy rains the road is more dangerous to motorists, passengers and pedestrians’ .The municipality hasn’t engaged the following mines Bokoni platinu, Klipfontein open cast and the rest of chrome miners. The bridges are damaged; everything is not as good as it’s supposed to be. By Moshabi Selowa.