Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Bapo Ba Mogale D account.  

Community Alerts/Abbey Mafate/Bapong-Rustenburg/23 July 2017

The new public protector Adv Mokwoebane failed to investigate the Bapo D account

1) Never reported a land Audit

2) Failed to investigate royalties paid by Lonmin to D account

3) Failed to investigate the royalties paid by Samcor to the D account, the mines seem to do as they please

The Bapo community has been infiltrated by outside traditional communities because mines hires them for cheap labour this will result in a civil war because these outside communities create informal settlement and this has the Bapo traditional community in a frenzy. The hiring of these outsider’s is creating large scale population density in Bapong it is no longer sale or liveable. By Abbey Mafate