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Morapaneng Community Revolt

Community Alerts/Elton Thobejane/Sekhukhune-Limpopo/02 Oct 17

The impacted community of Morapaneng Village is currently revolting against the Twickenham mine for denying its right to a localized community representation within the Community Engagement Forum.
The community wants its own independent representation and they don’t want to be merged or clustered with its neighboring villages because they fought for the that space on their own without the help of those who are not impacted by the mine.
The mine has since refused to this demand as a result the community took to the streets to demonstrate and express their anger.
The community has resolved to trip electric suppler to the mine every day until the mine acceed to their call and the mine property is alleged to have been destroyed on Friday. the struggle is ongoing and gaining momentum.
the mine claims that the community has cost them a lot of money therefore arrests are eminent. Community Leaders like myself are the most targeted to weaken and stabilize the situation but we can’t surrender because this community has been neglected for more than a decade. By Elton-SCMAC/Come Act