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Womens March againt Gender Based Violence in Phola

Zanele Msibi/Phola/220917

On the 13 September 2017 we had a march that started at 10am in Phola
And after the march we had a women’s dialogue #HERSTORY
We had a peaceful march about Gender Base Violence against women and children.We started at Phola entrance to Tholulwazi . Our theme colour was blue and white, Because blue we felt brings hope

The purpose of the march.

– We protested at the Injustice that women are facing in Gender Based Violence.
– We demanded that women must have equal rights
– We wanted to bring hope to the victims of GBV women and children

A journalist from Witbank News was present and took pictures and interviewed Zanele and Yvonne about details of the march and the dialogue that will take place and the work that we doing as women in our communities
The article will be published this week on 21/09/2017

After our one hour forty-five minutes march we had dialogue. The issues raised in our discussion were around:

Why gender based violence was still taking place in our communities
The role we as women play in contributing to Gender Based Violence and patriarchal society
How culture and religion support abuse and patriarchy
Women must know their rights and voice out and report GBV
and we must stopthe “pull her down” syndrome and help each other

We were also joined by police officers ,women’s from other structure such as Kuyozekubenini and the Anc Youth desk

The march and the dialogue was organise by Zanele Msibi and Yvonne Sampear