Tunatazama - Community Monitors

How the Tunatazama Network Works

For the most recent version of the guidelines for community monitors, download the PDF below:
Tunatazama Guidelines for Community Monitors English

A platform, network and system to link local community activists within the country, across the region and globally


In this document we describe how communities located near mines will be networked across the region.

Using this network, community activists will keep each other informed on their experiences. This will help communities to learn from each other as well as give each other support.

Step 1: Observe and document problems and events in local communities.

The activists will document any problem they observe arising from mining as well as any event such as a meeting or protest action that takes place in their community.

  • They will use a smart phone to take photograph, make a video or a voice note
  • They will write a short note that gives the following information
    • What happened
    • When did it happen
    • Where did it happen
    • Who was involved
    • Why did it happen (what was the cause)?

They may add any other comment.

The action of observing, documenting will assist stay aware , reflect and analyse their problems and actions.

Step 2: Share Reports on a WhatsApp group

Each country or area will set up a WhatsApp group. The activist will post her report on this group.

This sharing of reports will assist the activists learn from each other and as well as give each other support.

Step 3. Publish reports on a Website blog

A website has been set up with blogs for each country and area in the region. The address of this website is:  https://communitymonitors.net/

The post from the WhatsApp chat group will be reposted by an appointed website administrator on to a blog  for each country.

The website will then enable the local communities to share their stories and reports across the reigon and the world.

Step 4: Review posts on Smart Phone App

All posts reposted on the website will appear on an App. The local activist can download this app on a smart phone from the Play Store on an android phone

Step 5:  Making a community newsletter

All the writings and pictures created by the local activists can be easily downloaded from the website blog. These posts can be put in a newsletter for distribution in the local community among organisations and leaders.

Step 6: Continued Action

When a community observes, documents and speaks out about their problems, they have taken the first action towards change. From this first action, they are in a position to engage  in further action with mining corporation and government authorities towards resolving their problems.