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Pennyville flats built in mine dumps is pure compromise to residents health

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/22/02/18

These are beautiful flats in Pennyville next to Noorgesig and residents well-being is also comprised because these flats are build along side the dump

These flats are not the same as the ones build by government though both these flats and RDP houses, bond houses are on the same land and the problems are the same though Theres a different building
plans for both,these ones are treated as bond houses and there is a security guard but government ones are without a guard at the entrance and yes problems encountered are the same when dust rises it enters in the same way no matter nicely build or not and health problems are the same. Its not only the government that is compromising the well-being of the communities,private owners also has a hand in that just like in Mogase view its same. By Rapule Moiloa