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Community alerts/ Tokelo Mahlakoane/Moroke Sekutlong Section17/04/2019, 7:54 PM]


Yesterday we visited the village called Sehwiting next to Olifant River around Sekhukhune District in Limpopo province under Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality in Ward 09. The village is too small the paining part is that the village doesn’t have access for service delivery. We found a lady busy with the tree called “lewana” and they are selling it to make money to feed their families other family selling firewood they said ” is too risky to go to the mountain to Fitch those things, we are doing that because we  don’t have jobs and we are voting every five years, during voting we can see people with 12,5 meals and buying votes for us”. We can see that our government doesn’t take people serious. 12,5 of  Maize Meal and on Lewang thing they fetch it on the Mountain and they sell it to the Somalians and Traditional healers. Sehwiting is a village under ward 9 and it has Electricity but they sell wood to make money for their families. Story by: Tokelo Mahlakoane