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Community threaten with police when they ask for water

Community Alerts/Eunice Mampa/Limpopo-GaMampa/19/03/18

At Ga Mampa we are now struggling with water. We buy water but we there mine called Sefateng in our village. Those who have money call people who sell water to deliver for them, ones that don’t have money are struggling or fetch water from Sebitsa river others buy two 25 litres per day for R1,00 per 25litres. Last year the municipality promised the community to supply water with water tankers until now there is no such tankers in our village, when we ask about those tankers they tell us to go to municipal office which is situated at GaNkwana (Fetakgomo municipality) they say its where they have those tankers.


Some people came this year willing to help us by using old borehole to get water but our trustees told them to stay away from our community, now Sefateng Chrome Mine supply trustees and their cousins with water tankers when we ask why can’t these tankers supply the whole community they threaten us that we will call the police which is wrong because water is life. By Eunice Mampa