Community Alerts/Andries Mocheko/Limpopo-Lephalale/22/03/18

After our Social Audits program that end 14:00; 3 hours later around 17:00 and 18:00. The was explosion from Exxaro coal mine. The Exxaro Grootegeluk Char plant reduced to ashes. In yet another fire accident, the Char plant was reduced. Almost all the production stock, personal belongings and important documents were lost in the mishap.

According to an investigation report the safety Department is yet to ascertain the cause of the fire. No lives lost at this point only serious injuries reported. Talking to an employee at Char plant, she highlighted the that “Exxaro Supervisors undermine health and Safety hazards identified by employees at the sections. They only act when DMR intervenes”

Exxaro’s health and Safety standards are deteriorating since Johan Wepener took over as a Manager. Many incidents we not reported, they are hidden from DMR and Janine(Exxaro Investigator) is the main person for cover-up. What happened Moroka 12 Case?? No one knows the outcomes till today”

He also appealed to the safety management department to conduct awareness session from time to time in every sections of the mine, so that people can take precautionary measures. By Andries Mocheko