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Unemployment in Wonderkop

Community Alerts/One day leader from Wonderkop/Rustenburg-Wonderkop/11/04/18

{Interview captured by video, text to state what the interviewee said}

Interviewee is a 31 year old female. “We will never be employed; how can we pay money for someone to take our cv’s and a certain amount again for an interview? “committee of unemployment they really patronize us unemployed means you don’t have money, they just have to get us jobs and forget about bribery”.

“I was so shocked when I heard that when you want to get hired you must be in a certain political party member if not you will struggle to find work around the mines”

The person who is in charge of the unemployment market takes the people he wants, the list there it is just for formality. that’s why you see no local is hired only tenants they get employed because they pay bribe.”

” I have gone to medical several times and passed but they never called me to come and sign an offer, when I investigated I found that I was working at Lonmin systems but I wasn’t that showed that someone was taken for my place so sure that that person paid bribe ” By One day leader from Wonderkop