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MDT continues engagment with ZCDC

Susan Muchena .Marange Development Trust./20/04/18

As we continue to engage with Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Mining company as marange development trust we were invited to formalize the relationship with the mining company.On the 19th of April 2018 we were invited as trust were we discussed with the company how we can work together to ensure sustainable development which is community driven from the resources within the area.Though the continuous lobbying of parliament raising our concerns on transparency and accountability on the financial flows of the past and present companies,violation of human rights for example right to clean and safe environment ,right to clean and portable water ,issues of the environmental impact assessment the company the approached us as a trust so that we help each other to steer the development of Chiyadzwa /Marange community.Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Mining company emphasized that they want to work with the community so that they can win the community ‘s trust again which was long lost because of their behavior which was to some extent hazardous to human health and rights thus they can then achieve the community mandate to get the social license to operate ,which they can only get if the community is happy

Susan Muchena .Marange Development Trust.