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Angry Ward 41 Residents Want Answers!!

Community alerts, Bongiwe Nkambule, Barberton, Mpumalanga, 2018/05025

Counseller Lucky Bembe has a lot to answer to the residents of ward41 in Barberton (Mbombela Municipality). This follows many complaints on sewer pipes that are unattended.This plea fell in deaf ears as the sewer pipes at Greyville are a hazard to people .The other consent is the Development Projects that are given to Contracters outside the ward because of certain favours…thus living the Residents Unemployed as this Contracters bring their own people to work in this Projects.

A memorandum was delivered to Bembe and he took time to respond resulting into having to wait for him at the ward offices chanting songs.

Bembe couldn’t risk his life so he was escorted by Police to the offices where the angry residents were waiting for him…they actually hoped that he will come alone and they will attack him.
A memorandum was given to him and he still have to give answers.

Story by Bongiwe Nkambule
Lowveld Mpumalanga(Barberton)