Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Report on Mining Affected Communities  Commission


Community alerts/Mmathapelo Thobejane/Ditwebeleng/22/07/2018, 10:23] :

The following were discussed

  1. The right to say NO

* Community s decisions must be respected if they don’t want mining.

2.Free prior informed consent.

* Community has the right to know everything about the development that will take place in their area and the also must have access to any project that is affecting them environmental management plans, SLP, Environmental impact assessment , annual reports, tax document and revenue flow.

They have a right to say they want it or don’t want it.

3 . Land to be alienate from communities

The purpose of the mining need to be evaluated not only in terms of the surface value but also what is underneath  (minerals)

  1. Communities must be compensated also in terms of the harvest lost not only for one season.
  2. The rent paid to the communities by the Mine for the use of surface rights should be linked to the inflation and should be calculated in terms if actual value.


  1. Skills must be given to the local people and they must also given the skill of their choice.
  2. Women mine workers want the workplace, Mine safety gear and clothing that is suitable for them access to toilets.
  3. Eliminate of nepotism in the employment of workers.
  4. Bonuses must be paid on safety bonuses not on production bonus to ensure the Mine worker health and safety.
  5. Established of the independent problem solving mechanism ( where communities could turn in dispute with mining cooperation
  6. Creation of Independent community fund to which all mining companies must contribute which fund will be available for communities when they need assistance in legal, expects and e .t.c.


And the community development fund to be managed by the community trust constituted by representative of local government, tribal authority, companies  and without  their representation on trust.

Mmathapelo Thobejane