Community Alerts/Oupa Mzawufani Dodovu /Jouberton-Klerksdorp/06/08/18


The study shows that about 60% of the youth of Matlosana local municipality are unemployed. It has been over 2 years with the municipality not advertising any vacant posts. Now that the elections are near, they have made 88 posts available for general workers and only those with contacts within the municipality will be considered.
One 24hr clinic

The population of Jouberton was standing at 369 827 by¬† 2011 when a census was conducting the study. This shows that there is a lack of service delivery in the Matlosana local municipality. The government should monitor the mine’s SLP’s and mines should provide infrastructures for the community.
Everflowing sewer of Jouberton
Months have passed and it seems that the municipality doesn’t have a solution to stop this sewer from flowing where it shouldn’t. This is damaging the road and it is also a health hazard to the community of Jouberton. By Oupa Dodovu