Community Alerts/Amogelang Tshabalala/Sefikile – Rustenburg/06/08/18



The last recruitment was made in 2012. According to the senior HR manager, the mine has to hire 15 people in our community every quarter in 1 year. That is what the mine has to do every year but is not doing that. That means the mine has to hire 45 people in a year. The mine used to call us doorstep and our first priority when it comes to issues like recruitment. By Amogelang Sefikile


Soil pollution

Soil erosion; Mining disturbs the soil, causes erosion. Soil that was once rich for agriculture is destroyed by chemicals released by mining operations. Agriculture affected. Natural vegetation and wildlife are killed off.


Our grand forefathers used to plow on where the mining is taking place. Their rights were undermined the day the mining took place and it all started in 1946 until now. Our livelihood was and is even now taken away from us by the mining company. By Amogelang Sefikile


S L P: Social Labour Plan

Since the mining took place it has never done anything for us in terms of SLP. The mining started in 1946 and they only built clinic and community center in 2014. The problem that we are facing with the mine is the fact that, the mining company is hiding the SLP documents and take decisions for us about what we want without asking us the mine hosting Community. By Amogelang Tshabalala