Community Alerts/Veli Khoza/Mfidikwe-Rustenburg/26/08/2018

As I was studying the impacts of dust within my area of residence I came across a huge dust impact in a squatter camp called Zakhele. This community of multinational inhabitants knew nothing about how do the dumb rocks affect their lives on a daily┬ábasis. the squatter camp started in 1996 till today no one has ever tried to alert them about the dangers of this gigantic rock dump till I did during my study on how they’re affected, now I found out that most of the inhabitants of Zakhele squatter camp are sick with respiratory illness including tuberculosis TB.

According to my investigation Anglo American a government bought a portion of land for this communities to be turned in to a proper human settlement for them to live a healthy life, and my findings reveals that the is Bokamoso human settlement which is just closer to the village called Mfidikwe its where they were supposed to be relocated when phase one of the housing project was done only to find few were relocated, now face two had started I found out that only a few again will be allocated houses due to the are some few people with controlling power that is why they will be living their entire lives under a rock dump. I will continue to investigate the issue. By Velile Khoza