Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Mining Charter consultations with Communities, Ngo’s and Lawyers at the DMR office (Pretoria)

Community alerts, Mpumalanga, Carolina, Lorraine Kakaza, 2018/09/

Mining affected communities representatives are at DMR offices as per invitation. It was acknowledged after the mining charter consultation in nine provinces that took place few months ago and the summit.

They have considered our submissions and the closing date was extended to August 2018 due to the mining summit that was held in Johannesburg at the Birchwood hotel

MPRDA has been withdrawn at Parliament and DMR support that because provinces refuse to negotiate .

We as communities our concern is that many mines are working with drafts of SLPs for many years and others use other companies SLPs which are also not implemented.

Mining operations are operating within communities as they are hosting communities but they don’t have ownership and black communities should benefit minerals, if the mines pollute they need to pay but it’s not happening, the reality is that the company would be sold to another company.

We need a space to engage DMR to approve and go to communities to do commitment that the mine will be operating from which year to which year so that communities can monitor and DMR must go to the community to check. That is the relationship we want or we can look at another mechanism that could work.

We are still waiting for the draft to be finalised by the minister and the cabinet it can take about 3 months as they say.

Cals,Macua,Wamua ,Mejcon and other organisation were present