Community alerts, Mpumalanga, Phola //Ogies, Florence Mohlala,2018/09/27
On the 21st we went to Makause section at Phola /Ogies to talk with the community about the Social Audits and Social labour Plan. We did the consultation section by section. During the meetings people were so angry with the mines when they heard about SLPs.
Some of the people who live at Makause are from different farming areas.They were relocated by the Anglo Mine.They said they were given title deeds during the night.The saddest thing is that they said Anglo Mine promised to give them money every month but till then no one received that money for being relocated. An elderly woman showed us her title deed and on top of the title deed a sum of R500 is written there , we ask about it but the woman doesn’t know what to say about that.They said when they signed papers from the mine they never had an interpreter for them to understand they just showed them where to sign telling them by mouth that they are going to get this and that with no proof.They dont have access water but they have taps inside their yards, the mines are exploiting our people.Thats why people get angry when you talk about mines and even when you call them to a meeting.