Community Alerts, Lorraine Kakaza, Mpumalanga, Carolina, 2019/02/01

Today we start the final leg of 3 years of developing policy for Action Aid African Extractive Working Group and beginning of a long week in Cape Town.
Thank you to OSF for hosting us today.

Social audit is one of extremely powerful methodology building movement what we have find through our research that 80% of people or communities supposed to benefit but they are not instead they benefit poverty mortality hunger climate change and brutal murder and this situation needs to be rectified .

How do we look the climate change issue what are the major issues land grabs and most people are displaced in the name of mining and communities are suffering and we have to support them there’s no injustice people lose their livelihood we need more advocacy plan .

It is the injustice to all people who are working at this industry to use power, we need to look at the best practices and we need to move away from our boardroom and move to the grass root level to formulating our position feminist perspective on mining and extractives .

What are the challenges that we are facing, human rights violations, what are the economic, political and other social consequences?

-Policy makers have their own personal interest women are not involve in many spaces and that c have to change.
The biggest problem is the engagement with government and civil society have to claim that we need to help artisanal miners as well minerals belong to us … They can’t be arrested
because they are using hands with hammers.

How do we describe small artisanal miners (ASM) and we need to make sure that women are protected what is the alternative we all understand that our government is corrupt and how do we make sure that women are protected?

How do we respond to the big mines that are operating without licence?

Our communities needs to understand what is it is that the multi cooperations give to government , how do we give power to the communities ,what are women demands that needs to links in some policies and communities are now trained to be able to do audits on their own and being able to write their own report and FPIC we do understand that many people knows the mine and mineral act .

Management and litimigation is needed and we also need to come up with paper to influence at the policy level we did research because we are engage in tax issues , that is how best communities can benefit lot of these company don’t pay tax we need to know their revenues we are taking a step forward engaging communities were want to know from them because this at the end of the day it must reach the local level and to advocate for the government to take things into consideration and the issue of transparent and Government .

we need to learn from other countries on how best they can work together and collaborate and there is a need to work together and that also create conflict at the grass root level disturbance that we cause how does that cause some dis-function

We need to know what is the government, community what they want to do and if the community say no need to respect that and that is the kind of advocacy we want to do that will also inform future engagements.