Community Alerts, Promise Mabilo, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Empumelelweni, 2019/08/11

Poor Air Quality in EMalahleni.

Living in eMalahleni is like living in a very dark pit ,as lot of woman and children are more affected by the poor air quality in the area . The most affected people are you woman who have to carry the burden of taking care of their children sick family members. One single parent around Empumelelweni shared her own story of living in this difficult situation.

My child started with asthma and more comes to her life she then diagnosed of high blood then low blood now kidneys but she was born in healthy and active child now her life is miserable as she is now goes to the hospital for dialysis 3 times a week. She start at school in the morning after school she will go to the hospital for her treatment.
The saddest part no transport to take her back home by 08h00 he will enter in the house and sometimes I have to wait for her where the taxi drops her off, it is very hard sometimes I don’t even have money to transport her because am not working, the luckiest part is that she is having a medical aid but I can’t say it helps to the fullest because when the money runs out is a very big problem, as a mother is so painful…cries I wonder how many women out there experience this, I wish I know so that we can fight the health system is not fair to us.