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Some notes about COVID-19 in Mozambique


So far 1110 people has been tested. 39 people have tested positive, 8 recovered and no deaths. We have 31 active cases

Today, a senior politician made a public statement to inform the nation that he was the case number 1 in Mozambique and he and his wife have recovered. This is remarkable and important to break the stigma against people with COVID-19. It is also clear example that this disease is a reality and everyone should take the precaution measures seriously.

In the beginning of this month the government announced the state of emergency level three. In practice this means that schools must be shut, no public gatherings with more than ten people. Church services are suspended and all shops and non essential services must close by 5 pm. People are required to wear masks when using public transportation. The state of emergence will end in 10 days and it’s believed that the government will extend this period.